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Our Motor Insurance policies are available for a wide range of vehicles, both private and commercial. With our specialised Manxman Policies for Private cars and Taxis, we are able to offer residents of the Isle of Man discounted rates for their policies.

In addition to this, we have close associations with many leading insurers, which enable us to offer insurance at an enviable price to suit your needs and pocket!

Types Of Vehicles

We offer various types of cover to meet your needs and budget including:

Private Car
From the school run to the weekend runabout, we can provide cover for any privately owned Motor vehicle or leased vehicles.

Classic Car
For many vehicles, the end of the road is much further away than the scrap merchants and for those vehicles, the "classic" or "collectors" insurance is the best way forward to protect the value of the vehicle. With agreed values available, the Classic Car market is becoming a fast growing industry with many cars being classed as "classic" after just 10 years!

Business Motor
For companies insuring their cars and their employees to drive for them, we have policies designed for a small number of vehicles insured in the company name.

Business Fleet
For the larger company or the firm with a variation of vehicles from Directors top of the range vehicles to the delivery vans, we can combine the fleet into one easy to manage policy.

Motor Trade
We can arrange cover for the small garage right up to the dealerships and we can also arrange the Commercial Aspect of the business.

Light Commercial Vehicle
We provide cover for the smaller vans, up to 7.5 tonne. These policies can be issued for the business user or the personal user for their leisure time.

Goods Vehicles
The bigger the van or lorry, the more difficulty in finding a high quality service along with a competitive price, with our insurances, we can offer both to the larger van owner or the HGV operator.

Plant Vehicles
As an extension to the Commercial Vehicle and Goods Vehicle policies on offer, we can provide insurance for the Plant (heavy and light) which is used by contractors. This can be insured as individual items or as part of a more comprehensive Commercial Insurance.

Imported Vehicles
We can cater for the majority of imported vehicles, whether they come from Europe, the Far East or America, we can usually provide competitive cover.

Public & Private Hire Vehicles (Taxi)
In addition to our exclusive Manxman Policies we have a range of policies for the one off operator to the Taxi fleets operating about town and country. From high end Chauffeured vehicles to People Carriers we have the policy for you.

Public Service Vehicles (PSV)
We are able to insure operators, from local Coach Tours to Express and Stage use, we have close associations to the market to place this type of cover for you at competitive rates.

Agricultural Vehicles
Our policies are available for the local farmer or the larger corporate farms and we have the ability to offer cover for the Farm business itself.

Marine Insurance
Whether you own a small pleasure craft or a super yacht, we are able to provide suitable insurance cover for your requirements. Our marine policies cover cruising, racing, fishing or world travel.

Types Of Cover

Kestrel offers various types of cover to meet your needs including:

This level of cover is the highest available on the Motor Market and covers all the legal requirements, fire, theft and accidental damage caused by the driver or an unknown third party. These policies also include Windscreen cover.

Third Party, Fire & Theft
This level of cover provides insurance for the minimum legal requirements plus offers cover for Fire and Theft Claims. Windscreen cover is not included as standard but is available from some insurers for an additional charge.

Third Party Only
This level of cover provides you with the minimum level of cover require by law under the Road Traffic Act, but does not include any protection for your own vehicle.

Protected No Claims Bonus
This is an additional cover to most car insurances which allows claims to be made without the loss of your No claims bonus. In normal circumstances, the insurers will reduce the level of discounts given in the event of you making a claim which they cannot recover from another party. Please note that this cover does not protect the premiums from normal rating changes, only the loss of your no claims bonus (subject to terms and conditions).

Loss Protector
For just £9.75 per vehicle, we can offer our Loss Protector Cover to any Motor related insurance. This cover gives Legal support and uninsured loss recovery for incidents in which you are involved and deemed not to be at fault. It can also provide a replacement vehicle in most circumstances (subject to terms and conditions).
Provided there is a known negligent party to claim from, the Loss Protector service will attempt to recover your costs, including policy excess and injury!

UK Extension

If you have one of our branded "Manxman" motor policies you will need to extend your policy if you are taking the vehicle off the Isle of Man. The first two trips per insurance year do not cost anything but a third or subsequent trip will cost £20. A trip is defined as any period of time up to 17 days to the United Kingdom.

Trips to countries outside the United Kingdom will need a special extension. Please contact us for details. To advise us of an off-island extension please click here.

Approved Repairers

For our Manxman motor policy we have a panel of Approved Repairers:

CC Autos
(01624) 678123

(01624) 812091

Approved Windscreen Repairers

Manx Car Solutions
(01624) 852543 www.manxcs.com

National Windscreens
Call 878000