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Although house prices all over the UK and especially on the Isle of Man have increased significantly over the years, the cost of insurance has become more competitive than ever. With a panel of insurers selected for their reliability and service as well as their excellent levels of cover, we can assure you of a policy to suit your individual requirements.

In addition to the panel of well advertised insurers, we have our very own "Manxman Home Insurance policy". This is underwritten by Lloyds of London and offers some very impressive levels of cover as standard.

Types Of Property

Kestrel offers various types of cover to meet your needs including:

Home Owners
This is a policy designed for the property owner (owned outright or mortgaged). With optional sections for Buildings and Contents as well as extension for Personal Belongings Away from home and money or credit card cover.

Rented Property
This provides cover for the Contents of the home with optional extras such as Personal Belongings Away from Home, money and credit cards. In addition, many policies also offer "tenants improvements" cover.

Let Property
With so many people owning second homes, the market for Let Properties is becoming a fast growing sector. If you just need cover for the Buildings or cover to include Contents, we can help, with our specialised Property Owners Insurance.

Second Homes/Holiday Homes
It's nice to have a second home or a holiday cottage in the country, but making sure it's protected all year round can be a worry. We can help. We can even consider holiday properties abroad. The Spanish Costa's never seemed so close.

Self Build Properties
For the adventurous among us, we have a policy which can cover you from start to finish in the process of building your own home (conditions apply).

Types Of Cover

Kestrel offers various types of cover to meet your needs including:

Building Cover
Buildings insurance covers damage to buildings including fixed glass, sanitary ware and signs, landlords' fixtures and fittings, central heating systems, and concrete, paved or asphalt forecourts, yards and terraces.

Contents Cover
Household Contents insurance covers loss or damage to all household items that are not part of the building or building installations. Cover will usually be provided on a fire and perils or all risks basis, and on a "new for old" basis. The sum insured will usually be subject to average so it's important that your sum insured is up to date.

Personal Belongings Away From Home
This is cover for your everyday items which you may take away from the insured property with you. This can include your personal baggage when going on holiday such as camera, watch. This can help to reduce your travel insurance premiums!

Specified Items
These are normally valuable single items or sets or items, such as jewellery, furs, paintings, musical instruments and other personal valuables. Cover can be restricted to the home, or geographical areas such as the UK, Europe or World-wide.

Accidental Damage (Buildings/Contents)
This is the level of cover recommended by insurers and insisted upon by Mortgage companies for Buildings insurance. It covers the same as standard cover, but includes damage or loss by accidental means. For example, putting a nail through a pipe, or dropping something onto the TV.

New for Old Cover (Contents)
In days gone by, a loss would be replaced at the market or replacement value at the time of loss. With the advent of New for Old cover, the insurers will replace the item with today's equivalent if the precise model does not exist.